HCBS Services for Adults and Children


Home and Community Based Services

Caregiving Solutions provides Habilitation, Respite Care, and Attendant Care for children and adults in their home and/or community.

Habilitation services are designed to help members acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to be a successful member of his/her community based on his/her choices. Services are provided by a certified habilitation worker in the home or community. The goals will be outlined in the members ISP (Individual Service Plan).

Respite services provide short-term relief for the members primary caregiver. These services can be provided any time of the day or evening that the caregiver requests.

Attendant Care is provided to help members with their personal hygiene, getting dressed, and help prepare meals. Attendant care can be received in the home or out in the community.

Developmental Homes


Child Developmental Home (CDH) Providers care for children who cannot live with their natural family and help them achieve permanency either through reunification with their parents, adoption, or another court-ordered plan.


Adult Developmental Home (ADH) Providers open their homes and their hearts to an adult with developmental disabilities to teach them important skills and to help them live satisfying and successful lives.


Caregiving Solutions Developmental Home Program assists individuals and/or families in applying for and maintaining a license to care for a child or adult with developmental disabilities in the state of Arizona.